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The Man Behind the Lepine Marketing Agency

Over the years, I have developed an expertise in communications and business development for companies. My career path has led me to specialize in business-to-business development for professional service firms. Through my great curiosity, I have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the business market: I like to bring a strategic vision to the development of companies. With the creation of Lepine Marketing, my goal is to help small and large companies develop a marketing strategy adapted to their needs and vision.

The Story Behind Daniel Lépine

"At a young age, I would analyze random ads that would cross my path and already had an opinion on how I would make them more impactful and optimal. "

One of my strengths is definitely my analytical skills. I like to wear the brand and consumer hat to see both sides of a message or strategy and analyze the good and the bad. Even before I started my own business, many entrepreneurs in my network would come to me for advice or to discuss their challenges. Out of passion, I guided the conversation towards a more strategic and long-term orientation. That's when the next logical step came: opening my own marketing strategy agency.

Opening in Times of Pandemic

The pandemic has led to a 100% digital shift for many businesses. Small and large, every company has jumped on the social networking bandwagon with or without help. Many companies have approached me to optimize their digital ecosystem and review their way of marketing themselves in these strange times. Together, we planned a marketing strategy to address the conflicts of the times.


As a professional in communications, digital marketing, social networks and graphic design, I have surrounded myself with an agile and creative team to meet all our clients' demands. As a start-up, it's not the size of the team that counts, but rather its expertise and efficiency.

Why choose Lépine Marketing

Working with us is like joining a big family. To fully understand a client's needs, I have to become a team member to understand the value of the company. I like to develop professional relationships based on transparency and honesty. By joining the team, it allows me to have a 360 view of the situation and develop the right strategy for each brand. Marketing is in everything: internal and external communications, sales strategy, website effectiveness, branding, etc. You have to understand the strengths and weaknesses in order to tie everything together and achieve the desired success.

Trend 2021: What to Watch For?

Digital Marketing

Digital presence is essential for all companies, especially those in B2B. The health crisis has changed consumer behavior. From now on, everything happens through platforms and company websites. It is unthinkable not to have a presence on social networks, but it requires more than just creating a few posts per month. A brand needs to position itself on current topics, create inspiring content and engage in conversation with its target audience. It must find its voice... as a brand! Digital marketing is very broad! With the advent of the digital age, people's behaviors have completely changed and it is becoming more difficult to capture their attention. To do this, we must succeed in creating colorful and engaging content that will keep them on our account or website.

Visual Content: Photo & Video

One thing we are noticing is that videos and podcasts are increasingly in demand. But where to publish them? Facebook news feed, Instagram reels, LinkedIn story, there are many platforms and features to publish them, but no guide to help us understand them. Choosing the right channel requires a thorough analysis of your ecosystem and an understanding of your customers' behaviors. What are you going to do to publish engaging content that maximizes the positive impact on your business? That's what we do at Lépine Marketing.

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