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Ghost story

Let's face it, lawyers make great writers! Whether it's a motion, a deposition, an opinion, or an email to a client, the legal art is often a written art. Sure, your appellant's brief may not be a literary masterpiece, but it at least demonstrates your writing skills.

So why not put those skills to better use? Non-legal writing, whether directed to the general public, other practitioners, or potential clients, can help a lawyer build name recognition and credibility. Generally, not writing will not threaten your livelihood, but if you do not write, you are depriving yourself of an opportunity to promote yourself, your knowledge and your work.

"But I don't have time to write articles!" is often what we hear. It's true that it takes time to think of content, do the necessary research and then dive into writing mode. But there are solutions. Here are a few tips and shortcuts to help you avoid putting aside this important promotional tool in your outreach plan:

  • Make an editorial plan: It takes about 30 minutes to think it through and put your ideas on paper:

    • The number of articles you want to write in the next year;

    • The list of the topics of each article;

    • The times in the year to publish each article.

Bingo, you have an editorial plan!

  • Research: Have someone help you do the research, a press review and news watch to gather content specific to the topics of the articles you want to develop. A student, an assistant, a member of staff, your PR or marketing agency; in short, get help to gather the information you need to write good content.

  • Writing : Let's face it, you're going to end up with a few piles of research on your desk and you're going to have a hard time dedicating the time to write the bloody articles... and it's going to sit there lurking there for a long time. Do you recognize yourself? Have you ever used a ghostwriter service? Those professional writers who can take your messages and translate them into language that will appeal to your audience? It is possible, after a short interview with the writer, to give him the research project you have had done by your colleagues and ask him or her to write the article for you. A ghostwriting service can also save you money. One reason is that you only pay for the content you need and during this time, you can continue to do your regular billable work. The service will guarantee you rich content that reflects your image.

How to get a "hot" ghostwriter who writes like a lawyer?

We've done that research for you! We have an impressive roster of experienced writers who can create legal content but also with specializations in certain industries. Also, maybe the content you're looking for isn't in the form of a traditional article, maybe it's a blog, a brochure, advertising copy, a speech or a letter... we have the writers for you.

A great ghostwriter normally has SEO and content marketing know-how. They will help you in this sense to ensure that your text smashes the search engines.

So in a nutshell, if you're business development and self-promoting initiatives are creeping you out, or if you're just too busy to undertake content creation yourself, a ghostwriter can be a great resource to help you... and that's nothing to be afraid of!

Contact me and I'll be happy to help you develop your editorial plan and find the right copywriter to help you with your content publishing project.

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