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Marketing and Content Targeting

I prepared this short video following an intervention I made for a client. I realize that many companies seem to think that publishing excessive content is a solution to enhance the visibility of the company and will help boost interest and sales. I will always be the first to come up with a content marketing strategy, however it must be linked to a targeting strategy. These two components of marketing go hand in hand, that is to say that there is a great need to ensure that the content that we share, as good and relevant as it is, is well aligned. with the desired audience.

Communication should be a marketing and sales tool. It is essential to develop your sales and business development plan initially and then determine the marketing and communications angles that will feed the sales pipeline. The opposite often seems a solution for several companies.

Companies must determine their targets in order to maximize marketing and communication efforts, otherwise the investment of time and money sometimes exceeds expectations and creates disappointment.

Start by determining your sales and business development plan, then we'll talk about tactics to capture the attention of real targets. Avoid publishing excessively to everyone, it's a waste of your energy. Watch this video and let me know what you think.

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